RSPN Complaints/Grievance Form

    Note:Complainants have a right to confidentiality at any time. RSPN can handle complaints keeping the complainant’s identity confidential in case the complainant fears retaliation. (Your name and other details that would identify you will not be shared)



    Note: If you are a representative, we will require proof that you have been authorized in writing by the complainant to file the complaint. All supporting documentation must be sent via email to RSPN ICM at or telephone number (+975 2 326130)


    Does your complaint relate to either one or several of the following aspects:

    1. Social harm:

    Describe the harm:

    Were the social impacts directly by the mentioned project?

    Please also describe how you, or those you represent, are or may be adversely affected by the project:

    2. Environment harm:

    Note:The ICM can entertain complaints of environmental harm that are general as well as personal.

    If you are complaining about environmental harm, please describe the harm:

    Are you directly affected by the environmental harm described above?

    If yes, could you describe how you are affected?

    Please describe what has happened, when it did occur and by whom

    Has this occurred before?

    Please describe what has happened to you and by whom:


    Have there been other efforts made, or are being planned, to resolve the complaint? This may include access to grievance/redress mechanisms of implementing organisation or other dispute resolution processes



    Name of the employee(s) in the implementing organisation with whom the complainant(s) had contact (where applicable):

    Additional documents/files: